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Thank You for Considering Eaco ... The Most Advanced FM Software on the Market Thank you for taking the time to consider Eaco for your Facility Management needs. You are in good company, and you can rest assured that your needs will be met by the Eaco System as well as the Eaco Support Team. On this page we take the time to share with you detailed information including: The specifics of how Eaco works for the FM Industry include: Eaco does a fantastic job at taking the Complex and making it Simple and Intuitive. Our Facility Management Software is extensively used for in the Facility Management Industry. A number of prominent organisations are using our software platform to manage their facilities, including: Screenshot 2014-11-12 10.25.16 Why are these Organisations choosing the Eaco Facility Management System? Eaco ticks all of the boxes.When these organisations presented us with a list of everything their "dream system" could do, Eaco was able to demonstrate how it had all of these functions and more. Eaco is easy to use. Eaco has been quickly and easily adopted by all levels of the organisation from the Field Workers right through to the Board Room. Everyone can quickly understand how the Eaco Facility Management Software works for their particular needs. Its the Right Price. We don't charge per user, or per job. We simply agree to a set rate for your organisation, and you can add in as many users and jobs as you so desire. Overview of the Eaco Facility Management System Our Facility Management System is designed to help simplify and streamline the running of a Facility Management Organisation by: This process has been applied to every element of running a Facility Management Organisation. As such, our clients have been gaining substantial efficiencies through the implementation of Eaco as their Facility Management Software of choice. Some Examples of the big wins that have been achieved through the implementation of Eaco include: Contract Management Every customer can be set up on Facility Management Software to match the exact agreement you have with them.  Once set up, our system will manage the terms of the agreement, including Contractor Management Compliance Management Multi-Property Management Multiple Properties are a Breeze.  Work Order Capture & Allocation - Capturing Job Details Our Facility Management System ensures that information is only ever written once - always by the person who owns it! Document Management - Capturing all the other job information Unlimited attachments: Eaco offers unlimited upload of photos, videos and files.  There is no excuse for not having all the relevant information attached to the Eaco job card. Documents that you can upload and manage using Eaco include: Universal Search - All the Information at your fingertips Eaco gives you visibility into your Organisation to find the information you need without having to dig through piles of paperwork. Scheduling & Managing Workload Eaco lets you see everyone’s allocated work on your ‘people board’.  You can use the drag-and-drop function to re-allocate work between your people.  If you re-allocate work, Eaco does all of the behinds the scene work to update everyone involved.  Eaco even has an activity stream that shows you what is going on. If someone is under the pump and someone else has the skills and the availability, simply drop the job on them and Eaco will take care of the rest. Activity Streams, Communications & Real Time Confirmations You and your team can see live Activity Streams across and business and in relation to each individual Job/Work Order. Also, the system sends real time communications and confirmations when: Field Worker Management Give your Field Workers all of the tools and information that they could possibly want to get things done fast, efficiently and effectively. Including: Client Invoicing Automate your Client invoicing, in line with your Business Rules & Processes. For Example: These activities can be integrated directly into your Accounting System. Full Report Suite - Custom Made Reporting is dynamic and based on the fields captured in the database, this means that creating Custom Reports is as simple as:
  1. Selecting the filter that you want to report on
  2. Entering the dates the report is to cover
  3. Entering the fields in the report
  4. Running Report
Report formats can then be saved and used on demand. The Benefits of Going Digital When you go digital, you get many advantages, including: Summary & Key Benefits Simply by using the Eaco Facility Management System you will: Case Study - UMS Advantage Having begun integrating Eaco into their Facility Management business at the beginning of 2014. UMS Advantage have been able to manage the following with only 3 Admin staff: Once Eaco is fully integrated, the UMS Advantage team are confident that they will double their business with no increase in Admin. Contact Us Today Contact Us to Learn how Eaco's Facility Management System could be applied to your Organisation. Phone: 03 9090 9011 Email: bruce@eaco.me    

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